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Hotels and resorts involve so many things, from indoor parking lots, Cistern tanks, Potable tanks, Fire Reserve tanks, Sewer Tanks, Elevated Swimming pools, Concrete Roof Decks, Fireproofing for their Steel structures and scope of works has been part of our expertise, We have provided the internal abrasive blasting and tank lining for the City of dreams Manila, we have also supplied and applied Pure Aromatic Polyurea as waterproofing for the roof deck of City of Dreams Manila, we have also Grit Blasted the steel structures of the pool deck area of City of dreams Manila, and was able to provide waterproofing for a residential elevated and suspended pool.

City of Dreams Sandblasting and Tank lining of cistern and fire Reserved tank
City of Dream Concrete Gutter blasted and applied with Polyurea as water proofing on concrete
Grit blasting and painting of steel Items at the swimming pool deck Of City of Dreams Manila
Supply and Application of Pure Aromatic Polyurea as Waterproofing for City of Manila roof deck structures